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Membership Application & Consent Form

This form must be filled in and signed by the playing member. It is the responsibility of the player to notify the club of any changes to these details.

Once completed press the SUBMIT button at the bottom.

Players Details

Contact Details

Health Care Needs

How can our Captains help ? (e.g. Administer planned medication, call for an ambulance or give snacks)

Do our Captains need any special medical training to deal with health needs?

Do you the player require any access needs ?

Agreement & Consent

I consent to becoming a member of Hawley Cricket Club (HCC)and agree to the rules, policies and codes of conduct as laid down in the interests of everyone's health, safety and enjoyment of cricket.                                                                     

 I accept that it is my responsibilty to inform the club immediately of any changes to the details on this form.

I accept that my membership may be withdrawn immediately and without prior warning in the event of a serious breach of ECB or club rules, policies or codes of conduct by any person asociated with me at the time of the breach.

I accept that my membership is paid for through an annual subscription payment and that the club will offer no refunds if I withdraw part way through the season . (1st Feb- October 31st)

I accept liability for the full amountof the annual subscription fee even if I withdraw from the club part way through the season.

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2017  Annual Subscription Fees

Adult Member      £70

Junior Member     £40